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Modernizing Pest Control

Agritech innovation at its finest

About one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year is lost to pests — that’s 1.3 billion tons! As farms grow bigger detecting pests in time is near impossible currently. Moreover, with the trends shifting towards organic and pesticide-free farming, there’s a real need for a cost effective and sustainable pest control solution.

Introducing fully automated pest control drones! Armed with state-of-the-art sensors, thermal imaging and AI, they actively monitor and manage your pest problem for you. Instant detection, seamless communication and, automatic countermeasures mean that you can limit damage from pests, maximize your yield and, leave worry behind.
Check out one of our use cases below:

Our Secret

Intelligent Hardware, Evolving Algorithms

Smart drones reduce crop loss!

We detect the smallest of changes using low-altitude thermal surveillance from unmanned drones. Our proprietary recognition algorithm driven by AI can identify pests and damaged crop across large farms. The best part is that the algorithm learns from its mistakes and evolves! We can therefore, pinpoint the location of infestations and destroy pests automatically.

Real-time alerts keep you informed and trigger automatic countermeasures that contain the infestation. Additionally, you can minimize losses by destroying infested crop and replanting from indoor stock. You no longer have to fear the worst. Protect yourself against pests and truly reap the rewards you've sown.

Drone agriculture

Meet The Team

Our team is passionate about bringing you to the top.

Vishal Sunil
Vishal Sunil
Entrepreneur with geospatial analytics experience. Experience with image recognition and machine learning

Head of Product Development
Oliver Sanchez
Oliver Sanchez
Entrepreneur with experience scaling businesses and deploying technology solutions within corporate clients

Head of Business Development
Madison Viet
Madison Veit
Madison just finished her second year of Sociology studies at Suffolk University. As Communications Associate she handles all social media.

Communications Associate
Madison Viet
Sarah Brent
Sarah is a PhD in theoretical physics who has worked at the Technion University on Autonomous Navigation and Perception lab. She is pursuing a Masters degree in electrical engineering, specializing in robotics.

Robotics Intern
Madison Viet
Kailash Nathan
Kailash specializes in Big Data & Machine Learning. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Data Science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Deep Learning Intern
Vishal Sunil
Prof. Joeseph Ingerson-Mahar
Vegetable IPM Program Coordinator Rutgers University, Leading Pepper Weevil Expert in the Northeast

Advisor- Entomology

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